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About Us

The Faculty Multimedia Center (FMC) is dedicated to collaborating with UCF faculty to find innovative ways to create engaging and immersive learning experiences for students. With our team’s wide range of expertise in technology and content production, we are here to support you in enhancing your technical and creative skills with our recommended tools and services. This webcourse is your go-to resource for keeping up in the ever-evolving landscape of education. It offers online training materials and troubleshooting guides for a wide range of software, EdTech tools, AI tools, equipment, post-production techniques, and more. We recognize that technology is rapidly advancing, which is why the materials in this course are continually growing and adapting to meet your needs. Although completing the course modules are not required to use our services, we encourage you to follow along with all of the provided content within the modules related to your project. Use the links below to explore a vast array of possibilities and unlock your full potential in content creation with the FMC.


Services & Training

Review the options below and select the option best related to your content production:


DIY Captioning

Lightboard Studio

Multimedia Studio

Equipment Guides

Principles of Clipchamp

Principles of Adobe Premiere Pro

Creating Graphics with Canva

File & Asset Management

Webcourse Content on YouTube

Digital Camera Basics


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Faculty are welcome to schedule an appointment to use one of our on-site studios to create content for their course, where we take care of the technical aspects and all you need to do is prepare and record your content. You can also schedule a consultation with our staff to discuss gear or answer any questions about your project, in which we can guide you on the best technical and creative options to meet your expectations.


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If you have additional questions or need further support, please visit or contact the Faculty Multimedia Center: